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  • Real Time Labor Guide Features

    Discover the Advantage of Real-Time Labor Guide Online

    • Indispensable resource for labor times.
      According to our customers – there is no better labor guide out there for the money.
    • Experience the pricing advantage.
      We offer our software at an extremely fair price. We offer you an affordable solution so you can pass along the savings to your customers.
    • Powerful customization features.
      Convey a professional image to your customers and potential customers by creating custom tickets (estimates and invoices) with your full color logo.
    • Log in from anywhere.
      As long as your computer is able to access the Internet, you can access the Real-Time Labor Guide. Access it from your back office to help the customer on the phone, your front counter to help the customer in the shop, on your laptop to show one of your techs in the bay, or even from your tablet while on vacation at the beach.
    • Use your choice of Operating System and Browser.
      We don’t judge – do you prefer a Windows, Mac, or Linux for your operating system? What about Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari for your browser? Whatever your preference we have worked hard to make our software as compatible as possible with your favorites.
    • Simple, easy and straightforward.
      In a recent survey of thousands of our customers, 94% gave our application an “easy” or “very easy” rating.
    • Seamless, invisible updates.
      We update our software often to make sure you always have the most up-to-date labor times, features and improvements available. Since there is no CD to wait for, we are able to deliver the latest version often, behind the scenes with no interruption of service.

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