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    Why should I even try the Real-Time Labor Guide?

    No matter how big of a fan you are of your current labor guide, it is the smart businessman that has a second source. We’d like to fill that need for you. Make no mistake – we’d love to be your first choice just like we are the first choice to thousands of customers – nationwide – who have trusted us over the years. But we are happy to help you out any way we can.

    It’s simple – if your labor rate is $60 per hour and you find one labor time per month that is off by just 10 minutes, you have already paid for the Real-Time Labor Guide Online!/

    What does the Real-Time Labor Guide Online include?

    The Real-Time Labor Guide® was built by mechanics for mechanics. It helps them be more successful in their business by saving them so much time with the (tedious) constant task of giving estimates. The features listed below are a quick example of those offered to our Real-Time Labor Guide® customers:

    • Quickly access labor times for domestic and foreign cars, trucks, SUV’s, and heavy duty trucks (Class 4 – Class 8) from 1968 to today.
    • Full pricing flexibility – we offer you 3 times (high, average, & low) to allow adjustments for unseen variables, such as technician ability, condition of vehicle, available specialty tools, etc.
    • Create and print both estimates and invoices for your customers, customized with your shop information.
    • Create your own package jobs.
    • Miscellaneous charges help cover your shop costs and add to your bottom line – automatically!
    • Customizable manufacturer list allowing you to customize your list of vehicles.
    • Customizable labor rate / multiple labor rates

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