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    When the original Real-Time Labor Guide® was first released in 1994, we revolutionized the industry…and with Real-Time Labor Guide Online we did it again.

    We help you earn more by:

    • SAVING YOU TIME when quoting jobs.
    • GIVING YOU OPTIONS by letting you choose from a range of labor times.
    • SAVING YOU MONEY with the low cost of our exclusive service.

    To us, mechanics are like “Repair Artists”. You deserve more than the minimum bare bones time given by the manufacturer – times that don’t reflect the real conditions you face on a daily basis. The factory and manufacturer times are from tests performed on their own brand new cars using specialty tools in a perfect environment. You know (and we know) that in the real world repairs just aren’t that easy.

    Our times come from Repair Artists in the field – professional mechanics working in the real-world under real conditions. CLICK HERE to request your 21 day risk-free trial now!

    Real-Time Labor Guide is created by Real-World mechanics!

    Our focus is on the Auto Repair Industry. That’s who we work for and who we build services for. We have always thought of ourselves as an important tool that every mechanic needs but shouldn’t have to strain to pay for. We know that the cost of some shop tools can rival the cost of some medical equipment. We know the cost of certifications – both in dollars and time. We know that our economy keeps rolling only because of the time and money that you invested in your choice of profession. We are here for you – we want to make sure that you don’t lose money because your labor guide just doesn’t work in the real world.

    That’s why the Real-Time Labor Guide take into account factors like:

    • condition of the vehicle
    • experience of the mechanic
    • availability of specialty tools
    • testing time

    We have the best and most loyal customers from all over the US and Canada – tens of thousands of them.

    Why? Because if you find just ONE job in the Real-Time Labor Guide that recommends just 10 minutes more on a labor time then you have just paid for a whole month of service. Whether we are your main labor guide or not – we will help any way we can as best we can. It’s the smart businessman has more than one source, and at only $12.50 per month the choice is easy. CLICK HERE to request your 21 day risk-free trial now!

    We proudly offer a truly NO OBLIGATION, risk free trial so you can take us for a FULL, rigorous test drive. See for yourself why so many shops would not consider doing business without us!

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