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    These FAQs are designed to give you a better understanding of our services. They provide basic information; if you are unable to find the answer to your specific question please feel free to contact us.

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    General Product Questions

    What are the differences between your 3 products (Real-Time Labor Guide, Real-Time Pro, & Automotive Expert)?

    Real-Time Labor Guide – Our basic Internet-based service providing you with labor times for Foreign & Domestic Cars, Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks from 1968 to today.  That’s almost 50 years of coverage! You are also able to create estimates and invoices, miscellaneous charges (which add to your bottom line) and package jobs (which can really speed you up).

    Real-Time Pro – Built on the Internet-based platform of the Real-Time Labor Guide, Real-Time Pro customers can enjoy all the benefits of our popular labor guide as well as a full history of every customer, estimate and invoice created.  Since you tickets and customer history are saved on our safe and secure “cloud” servers, you never have to worry about doing backups or losing customer data due to PC issues.

    Automotive Expert – Automotive Expert, our most advanced product, is a shop management service built with you and your needs in mind. Currently delivered on CD, this simple to use service takes similar features from the Real-Time Labor Guide and Real-Time Pro (including labor times, customer and ticket histories, technician tracking and reporting) and adds advanced features such as inventory management, account receivable, advanced reporting, advanced parts markup, and additional custom features.

    Do you still offer the Real-Time Labor Guide on CD?

    If you are a current Real-Time Labor Guide customer you can still purchase annual updates on CD. You will receive a reminder in the mail when the latest update is available.

    If you do not have reliable Internet access at your shop and would like try the Real-Time Labor Guide on CD, please contact us for additional information.

    Where do your labor times come from?

    We began building our proprietary labor time database in 1989, recording actual shop labor times from professionals in the field. After the initial 4 years of collecting, analyzing and compiling the data, we released our first labor guide product. Our research continues today with an internal team of researchers partnered with automobile repair professionals in the field. This multi-pronged approach allows us to give you the most accurate labor times possible.

    What kind of vehicles and repairs are included in your program?

    The latest version of our service provides labor times on thousands of jobs for foreign and domestic cars, light, medium and heavy duty trucks ranging from 1968 to today.

    What makes this labor guide better than others?

    Our research shows that each job has a number of factors that affects the repair time including the age and condition of the vehicle, technician skill, availability of specialty tools, etc. Our labor guide takes these factors into account by giving a High, Average, and Low time for each job. You have the ability to decide which time is right for your shop, your technician, and the vehicle in the bay.

    Our labor times are heavily influenced by mechanics in the field who work in real-world conditions – professionals just like you.  Our times are not the result of manufacturer experts working on brand new cars in a clean room environment using the latest equipment and the most expensive and single use specialty tools available. We know that reality is much different.

    Do you have collision times?

    At this time, we do not offer collision or body shop times.

    I only want the times for (Foreign cars / Heavy Duty Trucks, etc).

    Our programs allow you to easily and quickly create a Custom Manufacturer List. This gives you the ability to view only the makes that matter to you. For more information, check out the help page for your product.

    How do I report a time adjustment?

    Suggested adjustments can be submitted by using the correction form. You may also choose to fax or mail us your adjustments.

    Can I make tax-exempt tickets?

    Yes. To make a ticket tax-exempt, make sure that the tax-exempt box on the ticket screen is selected. For more information, check out the help page for your product.

    Additional Support

    What if I have a special situation requiring additional support?

    If you need additional support, please feel free to contact the Customer Service team at (800)487-0279 for assistance.

    The links below may be used by the Customer Service Team to update certain areas of our software.

    *** IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO CLICK ON OR DOWNLOAD ANY LINKS BELOW UNLESS DIRECTED BY A MEMBER OF OUR SUPPORT TEAM.  Each update is designed for a specific version of our software in specific situations. ***

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